Human Milk Feeding Initiative

The goal of this initiative is to increase the number of birthing persons who intend to provide human milk and who provide human milk to their infants through hospitalization and the postpartum period (through the first year of the infant’s life) with special attention to inequities in care.

To accomplish this goal, the project will eventually address gaps associated with care during three phases of the perinatal period: 1) prenatal support; 2) hospital experience; and 3) postpartum support. Project stakeholders will work together to improve messaging and structural support while highlighting and/or developing patient-centered processes. The initial phase will focus on the hospital experience and will include work specific to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Gaps in care underlie the current state. Information provided to pregnant persons across the spectrum may be fragmented or inaccurate. Policies may not exist or may prevent successful human milk feeding experiences. Inequitable practices are supported by some systems of care.

At the end of the initiative, information across the spectrum will be acceptable, available, and accurate and address inequity, and policies will support intent to provide human milk.

The primary driver for the first phase of this initiative is a fully endorsed, evidence-based system of parental-infant lactation support. The secondary drivers focus on strategies to promote parent-infant bonding, parent education and support, staff education and support, and system support.

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